ESPO's position on the Mid-term Evaluation of CEF
14 February 2017
ESPO contribution to the second round of consultation on a GBER for Ports
09 December 2016
Statement of ESPO in view IMO MEPC 70
12 October 2016
Position paper on permitting and facilitating the preparation of TEN-T core network projects
31 August 2016
ESPO's Road Map to cut Red Tape in Maritime Transport
13 June 2016
More EU Budget for Transport – The Best Investment Plan for Europe
08 June 2016
ESPO position paper on port reception facilities
24 May 2016
ESPO's contribution to the first round of public consultation on the GBER
24 May 2016
Joint Statement Weighing of Containers CLECAT ESC ESPO FEPORT
20 April 2016
ESPO position on Port regulation following TRAN vote of 25 january 2016
01 February 2016
Joint Paper on Wagonload Traffic
10 October 2015
ESPO-EFIP position paper on the birds and habitats directives
07 October 2015
Position paper on the Fitness Check of the Birds and Habitats directives
10 July 2015
ESPO's position on the review of the 2011 Transport White Paper
21 May 2015
ESPO and other transport associations Common Open Letter on Athens Declaration (Short Sea Shipping)
30 April 2015
ESPO and 13 transport associations Joint Statement on shifting CEF money to EFSI
11 March 2015
ESPO-FEPORT-IDC-ETF Joint Statement on Social Dialogue
19 December 2014
Social Dialogue on Women’s Employment
29 October 2014
Social Dialogue on Training and Qualifications
29 October 2014
ESPO memorandum for the 2014 EU elections
04 August 2014