Energy Efficiency at the Port of Piombino (North Tyrrehnian Ports Network)

06 May 2021

In recent years, the Port of Piombino has been redesigning its maintenance and service projects with a view to upgrading the energy efficiency of its plants while maintaining the high quality of the services they provide and getting as close as possible to zero harm. To this end, all public lighting systems under the port’s jurisdiction are being progressively replaced, using new generation lighting and LED technology to reduce energy consumption. Similarly, all the technological air conditioning and heating systems in Piombino port’s passenger terminal facility and the Integrated Port Services Centre are also being modernised. This will make it possible to continuously monitor the systems’ temperatures and consumption levels, avoiding unnecessary dispersion of energy. Likewise, all the external fittings of the above-mentioned buildings, currently made of cold cut aluminium, will be gradually replaced, with PVC or thermal break aluminium windows. The replacement of all the roofing of the outside walkways is also being studied to prepare for the installation of photovoltaic panels to meet the buildings’ energy needs, ensuring both efficient and clean energy.

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