Environmental incentives at the Port of Helsinki

06 May 2021

Environmentally influenced financial incentives play an important part of the Port of Helsinki’s role of green facilitator. The Port offers environmental discounts on vessel fees for Environmental Ship Index (ESI) points, noise level in downtown harbour and for environmental investments. The Port also offers cruise ships a discount on waste fees, if they leave their wastewater in port reception facilities. Reviewing the results of these fees, the Port has found that the waste fee discount for cruise ships has been particularly effective. For example, in the last cruise season, close to 100 % of cruise passenger generated wastewater was sorted in waste reception facilities.

Environmental benefits are not just limited to clients. Employees also have the possibility to benefit from the Port’s green ambitions through its employee commuting policy. The Port encourages its employees to use public transportation and bicycles by offering seasonal tickets for public transports and the possibility to buy a bicycle as an employee benefit. 

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