Green hydrogen production plant in the Port of Bilbao

03 June 2021

One of the projects of the port of Bilbao aiming at reducing greenhouse gas emissions concerns a green hydrogen production plant which uses renewable electricity as a power source. The plant is set to be operational in 2024. The green hydrogen produced will be used as a raw material to generate synthetic fuels for use in different means of transport. The e-fuel plant will have a production capacity of 8.000 litres/day, enabling renewable energy to be stored on a large scale. Planned investment stands at EUR 67 million.

The Port Authority of Bilbao is currently drawing up the port's Energy Transition Plan, which will be finalised in 2022. This plan will promote various energy efficiency and renewable energy generation projects, all aimed at decarbonising port activities and delivering the objective set by the European Union of zero emissions by 2050.

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