Ports of Stockholm investing in onshore power connection (OPS) facilities for cruise ships

10 February 2023

The Ports of Stockholm are investing in building shore power (OPS) for cruise ships at two inner-city quays. With this initiative, Ports of Stockholm will become the first port in Sweden to offer cruise ships a shore power connection. The initiative will enable cruise ships and shipping companies to connect to shore-side electricity of a common international standard in all the different ports, in cooperation with other Baltic Sea ports, including the ports of Copenhagen, Aarhus and Helsinki. The aim is to encourage more shipping companies to invest in ship-based equipment to connect to shore power. By connecting to shore power, which is supplied by the local grid, cruise ships can shut down their engines. This significantly reduces their environmental impact. The port estimates that at least 6,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year will be saved by the cold ironing facilities.

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