Italian Presidency presents transport priorities to the TRAN Committee

23 July 2014

On 22 July, the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports, Maurizio Lupi, presented the transport priorities of the Italian Presidency to the Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee.

Transport and transport infrastructure are vital to the Presidency's key priorities of growth and employment. In particular, he stated that EU transport have to pursue the objectives of de-carbonization of the European economy, focus on competitiveness and the cohesion and respect the most high standards of sustainability and security.

During the meeting, Lupi made clear that the port regulation is one of the main priorities of the Italian Presidency. He stated that ports play a fundamental role in the new TEN-T and need a legislative framework that will enable them to face global competition. For this reason, the Italian Presidency will continue to work on the port regulation that liberalise port services and guarantee fair competition, preserving the specificity of the different national and local situations.

The Presidency aims to start negotiations with Parliament on the 4th railway package "technical pillar" files and will press for progress in the Council on the "political pillar" too, he said. MEPs asked Lupi to clarify the timeline for progress with the railway package, stressing that negotiations on the "technical pillar" negotiations should start as soon as possible.  The Presidency also aims to complete negotiations with Parliament on the weights and dimensions of trucks dossier, and will pursue work on cross-border enforcement rules, he added.

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