ESPO congratulates the Port of Valencia for renewing its EcoPorts PERS Certification

19 October 2020

ESPO congratulates the Port of Valencia (ES) for successfully renewing the EcoPorts’ environmental management standard (PERS). This marks the impressive sixth PERS certification for Valencia.

Remarking on this PERS renewal, Isabelle Ryckbost, ESPO’s Secretary General, said, ‘It is my great pleasure to congratulate the port of Valencia for its achievements in renewing the PERS certification. The Port of Valencia is a longstanding member of the EcoPorts community, having joined as long ago as 2003. Valencia’s continuous engagement with environmental issues - and perseverance in identifying and addressing new issues when they arise - is testament to their hard work and ambition and can serve as example to other ports.’

As background, PERS certification requires the port to put forward a range of measures to demonstrate effective environmental management. These measures range from identification and monitoring of the most pertinent environmental challenges to enhancing communication with the local community and increasing transparency through creating and publishing an environmental report.

‘I am very happy with the commitment and dedication shown by the Port of Valencia when it comes to environmental management and involvement in the Ecoports community. Its continuous engagement with environmental issues is coupled by a willingness to identify and address new issues when they arise. The PERS certification is evidence of their ambition to tackle the challenge posed by climate change. So I congratulate the port once more and I look forward to having them as key members of our EcoPorts community for many years to come’ commented the EcoPorts coordinator, Valter Selén.

The number of PERS Certified ports currently stands at 23, around a fifth of the 116 ports in the Ecoports Network. Compliance with the PERS standard is independently assessed by Lloyd’s Register, with the certificate having a validity of two years.

More information on the Ecoports network and PERS can be found at  

Aurelio Martinez and Federico Torres from Port of Valencia holding the PERS Certificate

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