TRAN Satisfied with Second Trilogue on the Revision of TEN-T Guidelines

26 March 2013

The Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) of the European Parliament reported on 26 March that the second trilogue on the revision of the TEN-T guidelines was a constructive meeting.

The Council covered some distance from the EP position by accepting the implementing act. Council requested greater flexibility on two main issues: the commitment for the funding from Member States, i.e. the financial reserves, and the timing. On the latter, the Council wants to avoid inflexibility in respecting the 2030 deadline of the completion of the core network and the 2050 deadline of the completion of the comprehensive network. However, the Parliament stuck to its position and did not leave the Council with room for flexibility: the 2030 deadline was not negotiable while the 2050 deadline will depend on the negotiations regarding the other chapters.

The next trilogue will take place on 25 April.

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