LIST OF TAG – Port Reception Facilities
ESPO welcomes steps towards better enforcement for ship waste delivery but regrets ‘polluter pays’ not fully implemented
Press Release | 20 December 2018
Port Reception Facilities vote: Parliament strengthens ‘polluter pays’ principle for ship waste management
Press Release | 09 October 2018
Port Reception Facilities: ESPO welcomes draft report but calls for stricter application of the ‘polluter pays’ principle
Press Release | 09 July 2018
ESPO publishes its position paper on the Port Reception Facilities for ship waste
Press Release | 09 May 2018
ESPO supports more efficient, but responsible management of waste from ships
Espo in the press | 23 January 2018
ESPO supports more efficient but responsible management of waste from ships
Press Release | 22 January 2018
Port Reception Facilities directive: a review could clarify certain provisions, but should not change the basic principles
Press Release | 25 May 2016
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