HAROPA Port installs new low carbon hydrogen facility

12 June 2024

HAROPA Port will soon have a facility to produce low-carbon hydrogen and synthetic fuels in Grand-Quevilly, in Rouen. The project aims to produce 350 megawatts (MW) of hydrogen annually through water electrolysis, along with synthetic fuels from recycled CO2, requiring an investment of €500 million and creating around 400 jobs. It is anticipated to enhance the local industrial ecosystem and aid in decarbonising industrial sites, maritime, and aviation sectors. 

The strategic location of Rouen's port industrial zone and connections to fuel networks make it favourable for such ventures. It will contribute to the region's industrial development and transition to a more sustainable model. Previously, HAROPA Port had awarded Engie 24 hectares of land for similar projects aimed at energy transition and decarbonisation, reflecting a broader trend in the region towards low-carbon industrial development.

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