Improving navigation while promoting biodiversity in the Guadalquivir estuary is possible in the Port of Seville

21 May 2024

In the Port of Seville, every year, a portion of the sand collected during the maintenance dredging of the canal is repurposed to establish and maintain wetlands conducive to aquatic bird habitats in the Guadalquivir estuary. Developed in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council, these sanctuaries provide secure, nutrient-rich environments that play a vital role in supporting the nesting, breeding, and overall well-being of bird populations in the Doñana region.

These wetlands boast a remarkable level of biodiversity, hosting more than 70 recorded bird species. Among them are several endangered species along with vulnerable species. By seamlessly blending economic progress with environmental stewardship, the Port of Seville is actively fostering positive change. The Port of Seville’s commitment to sustainable practices ensures benefits for both industry and nature. While embracing a harmonious approach, working hand in hand with the forces of nature to achieve mutual prosperity.

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