Onshore power supply (OPS) in the Swedish port of Gävle

04 June 2024

The Port of Gävle in Sweden started the operations of onshore power supply (OPS) for tankers. This milestone represents the culmination of extensive preparations carried out by the Swedish/Danish tanker operator Terntank in collaboration with the Port of Gävle.

The offloading process is the most energy-intensive phase of an oil tanker, as it requires the operation of the ship's own pumps. Throughout the unloading procedure on board the Tern Fors, a total of 1,424 kWh of electricity was consumed. The complexity of connecting tankers to onshore power supply is due to the constant risk of explosions while they are berthed in energy ports. By initiating the Green Cable project, the Port of Gothenburg is spearheading efforts to establish a new global standard for safely connecting oil tankers to electrical power while at berth in hazardous environments. Collaborating entities include classification societies, oil companies, shipping companies, the Swedish Transport Agency and the Port of Gävle.

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