Solar-powered smart buoys tests at the Ports of Stockholm

07 January 2022

In collaboration with Finnish company Arctia-Meritaito and the Port of Naantali, Ports of Stockholm is testing a solar-powered smart buoy, with the aim of improving efficiency of service and maintenance in a sustainable way. This unique buoy, which has a twin at the Port of Naantali, is equipped with solar cells to charge its batteries, which only need to be replaced every seven to ten years, much less frequently than current buoys whose batteries have a lifetime of one year. The batteries of the new buoy can be monitored remotely using 4G, as are its solar panel, light signal, and position. A service and maintenance vessel therefore needs to be sent to the buoy less often, which reduces emissions. The buoy is also able to withstand sever weather conditions, and the Ports of Stockholm is hoping for a cold winter to be able to carry out tests in real conditions. The project is part of the Intelligent Sea EU project, funded by the CEF programme.

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