The Port of Igoumenitsa develops the ALFION Project

02 July 2024

The ALFION project (ALternative Fuel Implementation in igOumeNitsa), co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), aims to transform the Port of Igoumenitsa into an energy hub in the Adriatic-Ionian Sea. The project focuses on developing sustainable solutions to meet the needs of the port's marine and vehicle traffic. This includes creating final studies and engineering designs for an onshore power supply, integrating renewable energy sources into the port's power system, and establishing a central power management system to optimize environmental and financial benefits for the port and surrounding area.

The ALFION project focuses on three main aspects: Upgrading port infrastructure to enhance power management efficiency, enable on-shore power supply (OPS) for vessels, and build vehicle charging stations. The second one is the deployment of renewable energy sources in and around the port to cover a significant portion of energy demand with self-generated power and efficiently supply electric power to the grid. Finally, it provides green electric energy to ships at berth and road vehicles via recharging stations, reducing emissions, noise, and the environmental footprint of port transport activities.

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