The UK's largest roof-mounted solar energy system to be installed in the Port of Liverpool

28 June 2024

The E.ON project involves installing the UK’s largest roof-mounted solar energy system at the Port of Liverpool. Additionally, plans are underway to repower the existing wind turbines along the River Mersey with fewer, larger turbines. This will potentially incorporate up to 63,000 solar panels across 26 buildings at the Port of Liverpool, equivalent to 18 football pitches.

The planned installation of solar panels at the Port of Liverpool could generate up to 31 megawatts (MW) of renewable electricity. This initiative, aims to fulfil up to 25% of the Port's yearly electricity requirements. Additionally, it would reduce CO2 emissions by over 6,500 tonnes per year. The project is designed to minimize local disruption, utilising existing roof space and transportation via sea to the port, with over 6,000 solar panels already delivered for installation on the new Alexandra Dock warehouse.

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