ESPO's Port Investment Study 2024: Europe's ports have €80 billion investment needs for the next 10 years

30 April 2024

The Port Investments Study 2024, prepared by Dr. Peter de Langen in cooperation with ESPO, offers a unique and comprehensive analysis of the investment pipeline and challenges of European ports. The study reveals that the investment needs of European port managing bodies amount to around €80 billion for the next 10 years, up to 2034. It also shows that the investments in the sustainability and energy transition are becoming the second most important investment category for port authorities. Overall, this study delves into the changing role of European ports, their evolving investment needs, and the barriers they encounter in turning the investment projects into a reality. The study is unique in representation, as it is based on an analysis of the investment needs of 84 port managing bodies, reflecting the geographical spread and functional diversity of Europe’s ports.    

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