ESPO Position Paper on Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy

25 September 2020

ESPO welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the consultation on an EU offshore renewable energy strategy and the development of an EU strategy charting the path for offshore renewable energy.

European ports look forward to the opportunities - both in terms of business and sustainability - offered by European strategic support for offshore renewable energy. However, ESPO believes that it is important that the development of the offshore renewable energy sector is done in a sustainable, fair and responsible way. It should not impact other sectors of critical importance to Europe’s green economy, in particular maritime transport and seaport activities. As such, ESPO underlines the importance of Maritime Spatial Planning to guarantee the safety and continued functioning of maritime transport by respecting maritime access corridors and anchorage areas.

Similarly, as Europe’s ports are unique intersections between land and sea, they are unique onshore landing points for offshore renewable energy infrastructure, meaning they have a crucial role in the production, storage and recycling of these technologies. Offshore renewable energy can also play an important role in decarbonising the port, transport activities and industries within the port cluster. Final aspects for the strategy to consider include addressing global competitivity and ensuring a level-playing field between member states.

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