Annual Beach Clean at the Port of Dover

06 May 2021

Every September a beach clean is organised by the Port of Dover and a local charity, White Cliffs of Dover Partnership. Shakespeare Beach is on the Dover-Folkestone Heritage Coast and is formed mainly of vegetated shingle. In 2020, 74 volunteers from Dover and the surrounding areas took part in the beach clean and collected 38.5 bags (144kg) of rubbish. Vegetated shingle has been identified as an important habitat within the port, not only due to its scarcity (it is a UK priority habitat subject to a habitat Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)) but also due to its importance for birds of conservation concern (‘red-listed birds’). In an active response to the 2008 survey findings, the Port of Dover has developed the Dover Beach ‘D beds’, an artificial vegetated shingle habitat to complement the naturally occurring shingle vegetation on Dover and Shakespeare Beaches. This year, the Port has produced informative sea front signage to be placed in the ‘D beds’ to promote awareness of the habitat to the local population. Bee homes will also be placed at the sea front to attract native solitary bee species and the pollination of the plants within the vegetated shingle habitat.

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