Cleaning of the Algeciras coastline

03 June 2021

The Port Authority of Algeciras is undertaking an intensive cleaning campaign of its shores, thanks to the initiative promoted by its Sustainability Area. These initiatives are part of the Green Strategy of the Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras with which the institution is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

The Port Authority, through the cleaning service concessionaire OHL Servicios Ingesan, has started the intensive cleaning of the coastline, collecting every last piece of paper from the public port area, including the Natural Park of the Strait or the cliffs of Punta San GarcĂ­a, in Algeciras. The objective is that these areas remain clean of waste, for which the Port Authority asks the commitment of visitors and users.

The works will last ten days approximately. Developed by four operators, they include actions in areas of difficult access with breakwaters and rocks. In total, the action will clean 9 kilometres of the Port shores, along four different municipalities (La Linea, San Roque, Algeciras, Tarifa).

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