Development of a hydrogen hub at Shoreham Port

24 January 2022

Shoreham Port entered into partnership with H2 Green, an infrastructure developer, to create a hydrogen hub in the port combined with onshore wind and solar power. With this agreement, 100% green hydrogen and renewable electricity will be produced, which will be used by heavy forklift trucks and HGVs entering and in the port during the first phase of the partnership. This would result in a significant reduction of emissions of up to 45,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and less noise pollution. In addition, an ammonia importation facility is also planned in the agreement. All this will help the port achieve its target of achieving zero emissions by 2030 and will lead to an increase in commercial transport of hydrogen in South East England, stimulating the development of supply chains. Industries operated in and near the port area could also make use of the hub’s hydrogen power.

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