Ensuring the expansion of Port of Gothenburg minimises biodiversity loss in Torsviken

06 May 2021

The establishment of the wetland is a voluntary undertaking of the Port of Gothenburg to compensate for the harbour’s expansion in the immediate area around the Torsviken wetland. The project has identified important measures and, in collaboration with the Gothenburg Ornithological Association, has created a habitable wetland environment, whose aim is to promote biodiversity by creating habitat for local bird life and other wildlife.

Similarly, the new Ro-Ro and container terminal due to be built beside the present Ro-Ro terminal at Arendal will take land away from the eelgrass meadows. To compensate for this loss, the Port will replant the same volume of eelgrass that disappears from the bay at Arendal. As always when building something new, the Port compensates for the intrusions it causes. To retain its competitiveness and meet future growth targets, the Port needs to expand, but it must do so sustainably.

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