Gothenburg Port’s inspection vessel to be electrified

23 March 2023

M/S Hamnen, the Port of Gothenburg’s inspection vessel which has been in service since 1979, will be converted to run on electrical power. The vessel can therefore be expected to remain in the port’s service for many more years. M/S Hamnen currently operates around 1,200 hours per year and consumes around 25,000 litres of diesel. This equates to 67 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is 15% of the Gothenburg Port Authority's total emissions.

For the Port of Gothenburg, the electrification of M/S Hamnen is a step in the quest to achieve the port’s climate goal of a 70% reduction in port-related emissions over the whole Gothenburg area on the land side by 2030, but it also sets the example to all the ports partners and decision makers.

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