Port of Valletta: Grand Harbour Clean Project

06 May 2021

The Maltese Transport Authority (the port authority of the Port of Valletta) has launched an ambitious project to reduce air pollution from passenger ships and eventually Ro-Ro vessels in the port.  The project will amount to just under €50 million and is projected to cut over 90% of the air pollution from cruise liners and Ro-Ro ships. The so-called Grand Harbour Clean Air Project will lead to the development of electric charging vessels for cruise and Ro-Ro vessels, encouraging them to switch from conventional fuel use to electricity while at berth. The first OPS facilities should be ready by the end of 2023, with the second phase completed by 2025. By switching off their auxiliary engines, it is expected that cruise liners visiting Valletta will emit 93% less nitrogen dioxide, 92.6% less particulate matter and 99.6% less sulphur dioxide in the port area, significant causes of respiratory illnesses and other health issues. At the same time this will reduce CO2 emissions from shipping in the port and so help to tackle climate change. 

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