Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux solar power plant project

18 April 2023

The Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux (GPMB) has signed an agreement with EDF Renouvelables for the installation of a photovoltaic power plant at the Verdon-sur-Mer port terminal in Gironde. With a maximum capacity of 52 MWp, this future renewable energy production facility will contribute to the development of a former oil storage area. This project will help to achieve the French government's objective of carbon neutrality by 2050, with more than 100 GWp of solar capacity installed. The Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, alongside the economic players present on its sites. Construction will begin after a phase of technical and environmental studies and consultation with all local stakeholders. The electricity produced by the plant can be sold in a short circuit, to industrial companies located at one of the seven terminals of the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux, for self-consumption, via resale contracts ("Corporate PPA"), or through the government's call for tenders’ mechanism.

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