Hydrogen network for North Sea Port

11 February 2022

At North Sea Port, the ‘Hydrogen Delta Network NL’, a transport network for hydrogen, will build on Zeeland’s existing position for hydrogen and is intended to take shape over the coming years. Via an ‘Expression of Interest’, the specific activities, wishes and requirements for supply and demand are being identified in terms of capacity and volume. This will help to inform the choice of pipeline capacity, dimensioning and routing. Based on the results, the route for the regional hydrogen network will be finalised in early 2022. The Hydrogen Delta Network will be ‘open access’ and ‘non-discriminatory’.

In addition to the development of large-scale electrolysis, the Zeeland region also offers excellent opportunities for importing hydrogen via locations in the North Sea Port area. Developments in the supply and demand for hydrogen in Zeeland are concentrated in the industrial sector in Vlissingen, which accounts for most of the supply, and in the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal Zone, where the main consumers of hydrogen are located. In the coming time, North Sea Port will explore the best method of connecting Vlissingen and Terneuzen.

Source: North Sea Port

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