Installation of stormwater treatment in the Port of Santander

06 May 2021

Rainwater had been causing problems on the docks where solid bulk is handled, as it carried particles from the handling of merchandise towards the drainage system, leading to an increase in pollution in the port waters. Ultimately, this had a negative impact on the natural surroundings and reduced the water depth for berthing vessels.

The Port Authority of Santander therefore instituted a project to identify and monitor, first of all, the type of pollutants generated in this process, and secondly, the efficiency of the elimination of pollutants in the unit of rainwater treatment. This was done by taking a series of samples from the effluents from a range of affected areas on the dock and depositing them in a special decantation tank.

The solution implemented was the installation of underground hydrodynamic separators, capable of separating particles of up to 20 microns from the runoff waters. Five hydrodynamic separators of 1,800 mm in diameter and three of 2,500 mm were installed in parallel to the drainage system and prior to the discharge point to receive all the waters of the port area and treat them before they are dumped into the sea. The installation of the decanters involves the treatment of rainwater in an area of 98,800 m2. The project was completed in 2019, with a significant improvement in the water quality in the port area as a result.

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