Livorno: New Venice Canals

06 May 2021

As a result of cleaner waters caused by the COVID-19 lockdown, local residents and the local newspaper Il Tirreno launched a campaign to carry out a concerted, comprehensive cleaning of Livorno’s canals, while the rubbish was clearly visible. In its role in charge of the Canals, the North Tyrrhenian Ports Network teamed up with Labrmare (dealing with cleaning operations), Sub Sea (a team of underwater divers) and ISPRA (monitoring ecological risk) in a spirit of collaboration inspired by the epidemic to take on the issue free of charge. After mapping the rubbish, they recovered as many objects as they could while disturbing the canal bed and ecosystem as little as possible. The result of the project in the short-term was a cleaner marine environment, which, although not destined in the medium term to be as pristine as during the lockdown, will stay in citizens’ memory. Furthermore, the collaboration between citizens, newspapers and companies – from launching the campaign to carrying it out – are a testament to the social and ecological benefits of being mindful of our environment. 

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