LNG bunkering on the increase at the Port of Barcelona

12 June 2022

The last few years, LNG bunkering operations have been constantly growing at the Port of Barcelona. Around 65,000 cubic metres of LNG were supplied to ships in 2021, a 66% increase compared to 2020. 236 LNG bunkering operations were carried out at the port in 2021, both via truck-to-ship and ship-to-ship. Amongst all shipping companies, BaleĆ ria operated five LNG-fuelled vessels, representing 41% of all the LNG delivered to the port that same year.

DamiĆ  Calvet, President of the Port of Barcelona, said: "We have set ourselves an objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and become an emissions-neutral port by 2050. We work with the port community and shipping companies promoting initiatives such as the electrification of docks, the generation of renewable energy within the territory port and the use of LNG as a transition fuel to move towards the implementation of zero-emission fuels in the port sector and maritime transport".

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