Onshore power for ferries between Ports of Stockholm, Helsinki, and Tallinn

24 January 2022

The three Baltic Sea ports of Stockholm, Helsinki, and Tallinn have agreed on standards and now all provide onshore power for ferries operating between the three capitals. The route Helsinki-Tallinn was the last route between the three cities where it was not possible to connect to onshore power. This is part of a major coordinated environmental initiative with other ports in the Baltic Sea. Investing in OPS is important to achieve the sustainability goals set by the ports and the cities they are located in. Providing OPS to ferry at the quayside will contribute to reducing emissions and air pollution. Ferries connecting to onshore power between the ports of Stockholm, Helsinki, and Tallinn will bring about an estimated reduction of more than 18,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Ferries operating between the three countries act as a bridge and are key to the supply of goods and the transport of passengers. 200 cargo-loaded ferries sail every week between the three ports, transporting about 4,500,000 tonnes of freight, or 380,000 haulage vehicles/trailers and 12 million passengers. 

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