Port of Heraklion conducts two sustainable projects to upgrade its infrastructure

21 February 2024

The Port of Heraklion plays a pivotal role not only as one of the leading TEN-T ports in Greece, but also as a pioneering port organisation in the maritime sector contributing to national and EU growth through adherence to current institutional and environmental regulations. In this context, the port has undertaken two significant projects aimed at enhancing its infrastructures and environmental sustainability.

The Electriport project takes into account both the approach to identifying the needs of shore-based facilities and the approach to identifying the needs of the ship type and the technical aspects of ship-to-shore connectivity for any approaching ship type. The full integration of port electrification services will be an attraction for all types of vessels.

The Huppiness project aims to upgrade the port’s protection from intense wave conditions, rendering vessel arrival at the port safer by reducing reflected waves, as well as minimising the vulnerability of the port’s critical infrastructure, having also taken into account phenomena related to climate change. This project will also design and plan the installation of a wave power plant on the windward breakwater. It will allow the breakwater to become a source of clean electricity for the port of Heraklion. The additional energy will be used for Onshore Power Supply (OPS) in the Electriport project.

These projects ensure exploitation and dissemination at local, regional, national and EU level through the establishment of global partnerships and project multipliers, as well as the enhancement of the port's safety and environmental profile.

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