Port of Ostend's strategic vision for long-term coastal protection

26 February 2024

The Port of Ostend is developing a strategic policy plan known as “Coastal Vision” after obtaining draft approval from the Flemish Government. According to the Port authority, this plan contains the strategy to adapt all the coastal ports of West Flanders against flooding from the sea and thus to protect them step by step for the next 100 years.

The outer harbour of Zeebrugge, namely the marina, will have to implement a lock or storm surge barrier within 35 years. Furthermore, a lock or storm surge barrier will also have to be built at the Blankenberge marina. The implementation of this project arms Flanders against floodings from the sea at all times, and will contribute to the numerous measures that will need to be implemented in the coastal ports. The initiative of this project places the port of Ostend as a pioneer in Europe in flood protection. 

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