Port of Valencia gets rid of plastic bottles

22 October 2021

A new pilot project aims to supply water to the port terminals employees in the Port of Valencia, which would allow to save a million plastic bottles per year. To achieve this, water dispensing machines will be installed on the docks at the base of each container crane. Two machines have been set up for the moment to test their efficacy, enabling workers to easily refill their reusable bottles and enjoy clean, fresh water.

Keeping the water at the right temperature was a key issue to address, as dock workers work in different locations. Until now, the docker was responsible for fetching the water. With this new project, water will be directly accessible to the workers of each crane.

The initiative is part of the “No Plàstic” project promoted by Ecoport Valencia, the Valencia Port Employment Centre, and Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia, and which was set up two years ago. The project intends to change the paradigm in the use of plastic and replace it with recyclable materials, and to raise awareness of the problems linked to the excessive use of materials derived from plastic.  

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