Portsmouth International Port strategy to decarbonise its energy operations

20 March 2023

As part of a new project, PESO (Port Energy Systems Optimisation), Portsmouth International Port is working with a consortium of three other organisations to pilot a smart energy system that will significantly decarbonise the port's energy operations. Co-funded by Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency, the PESO project will demonstrate how ports can use smart grid technology and sophisticated management software to reduce atmospheric emissions and improve air quality, while optimising energy costs. The PESO pilot will integrate local power generation, novel energy storage and smart energy management to demonstrate how ports can meet the emerging demand for onshore power and the needs of vessels as they increasingly use shore power and electric propulsion, while minimising the need for expensive grid upgrades and optimising the use of variable tariffs.

Energy management software will be developed and the future energy needs of ports and the long-term impact on the energy system will be assessed. The technology will then be commercialised and rolled out to UK ports.

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