Shore Power for cruise ships and Ro-Ro ferries at the Port of Kiel

06 May 2021

OPS is a sensible way for ferries and cruise ships berthing in Kiel’s port to avoid the emission of air pollutants and noise. This is a sensitive issue given the ports close proximity to urban areas. Kiel’s first shore power supply plant has been operational at the Norwegenkai Terminal since May 2019, supplying the ferries of the Color Line shipping company with shore power. This facility supplies the ships with 1-kV and 50Hz of power and delivers around 4 million kWh of shore power on an annual basis. The facility has been a full success, resulting in plans for further shore power facilities for cruise ships. The port plans to install a facility at the Ostseekai with power of up to 16MVA at either 6.6 or 11kV, giving the opportunity of simultaneous provision of shore power with the Schwedenkai, at that volume a novelty in Germany. To ensure the full green benefits of the system, the Port plans to only use 100% green power when in operation.

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