Use of LNG at the Port of Barcelona

17 February 2022

Since 2017, 544 LNG supply operations have been carried out at the Port of Barcelona, with 152,000m3 of LNG supplied, both in truck-to-ship (TTS) and ship-to-ship (STS) operations, with 46 STS LNG supply operations carried out on Carnival Group cruise vessels and 498 TTS LNG operations carried out on the Balearia ferries.

The Port of Barcelona has implemented the supply of LNG through various R&D projects with European funding, such as the Core LNGas hive, LNGhive 2 Barcelona and Cleanport, which have broken down barriers to reduce polluting emissions and greenhouse gases.

The use of LNG allows the reduction of almost 100% of SOx and PM emissions, about an 80% of NOx emissions, depending on the type of engine, and between 20-25% of CO2 emissions, and it is easily substitutable by Bio-LNG or e-LNG, zero or almost zero emissions fuels.

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