Use of rainwater for cleaning in the Port of Santander

06 May 2021

Aiming to improve its water management, Santander Port Authority identified the problem that tap water was being utilised for the cleaning of the port area, with negative economic and environmental consequences. To address the issue, the Port Authority sought to utilise the copious natural resource of rainwater to avoid water wastage.

A system of gathering rainwater from warehouse roofs and storing it in two deposits of 160 m3 and 935 m3 was put in place. This water is then used to clean the port area, to dampen dusty materials, and in case of emergencies such as fire. The system was also digitalised so that tap water could be used if there was a lack of rainwater and to monitor the overall consumption of both rain and tap water.

The project has helped the Port of Santander achieve its sustainable management aims, creating an efficient and sustainable solution to reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy.  

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