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European Sea Ports Organisation v.z.w./a.s.b.l.

European Ports Work

cover european ports workThis publcation highlights the vital role that ports play in Europe's social, economic and environmental development.

ESPO Award 2015

logo espo-awardProject submissions are now being taken for the 2015 ESPO Award on the theme of Relationship with Schools and Universities

espo conference 2015ESPO Conference 2015

On 21 and 22 May 2015, ESPO will hold the 12th edition of its annual conference in Athens. The theme of the conference will be Ports and Energy.

ESPO Green Guide

green guide"Towards excellence in port environmental management and sustainability"

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espo conference 2015 Prism Award
Greenport Ecoports

ESPO Press

Port of the Month: Zeebrugge

This month our Port of the Month is Zeebruggee, a major European container port. Here, the port authority outlines the workings of the port, and its importance as a cargo handling facility, particularly automobiles, as well as its growing value as a passenger port.


Open letter on the Commission proposal for a Regulation establishing a European Fund for Strategic Investments

A group of transport stakeholder associations, including Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER),  the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA ), the European Federation of Inland Ports (EFIP) and the European Sea Ports Association (ESPO),  have written an open letter to the European institutions highlighting concerns over current budget proposals regarding transport infrastructure.


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espo bulc ec

ESPO representatives, (L) Vice Chair Eamonn O’Reilly, Chairman Santiago Garcia-Milà, Secretary General, Isabelle Ryckbost and Vice Chair Annaleena Mäkilä, meet with the European Commisioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, (R, centre).

Welcome to the ESPO website

The European Sea Ports Organisation was founded in 1993. It  represents the port authorities, port associations and port administrations of the seaports of the Member States of the European Union and Norway. ESPO has also observer members in several neighbouring countries to the EU.

The European Union simply cannot function without its seaports. 90 % of Europe’s cargo trade in goods passes through the more than 1200 seaports existing in the 23 maritime Member States of the EU and more than 400 million passengers pass through Europe’s ports every year using ferry and cruise services.

Without seaports, the European Union would not exist as an economic world power. Without seaports, there would be no internal market.

ESPO ensures that seaports have a clear voice in the European Union. The organisation promotes the common interests of its members throughout Europe and is also engaged in dialogue with European stakeholders in the Port and Maritime sector.

ESPO works through a permanent secretariat in Brussels, a General Assembly, an Executive Committee, and 8 specialised committees.


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