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European Sea Ports Organisation v.z.w./a.s.b.l.

ESPO Conference 2015

logo conference 2014On 21 and 22 May 2015, ESPO hwill hold the 12th edition of its annual conference in Athens. The theme of the conference will be Ports and Energy.

ESPO Green Guide

green guide"Towards excellence in port environmental management and sustainability"

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ESPO Award 2014

logo espo-awardThe sixth edition of the ESPO Award on Societal Integration of Ports has been won by the Port of Koper.

European Ports Work

cover european ports workThis publcation highlights the vital role that ports play in Europe's social, economic and environmental development.


Rapid Exchange System

The Rapid Exchange System (RES) was launched about 14 years ago, on the initiative of ESPO. The idea was to arrange a voluntary exchange of statistics on a confidential basis between participating ports, and to have the results available as quickly as possible.

From 2010, the ESPO RES quarterly statistics on European port traffic have become publicly available.

The ESPO Rapid Exchange System is coordinated by DGITM, a departement of the French Transport Ministry. Data collection is performed quarterly in electronic format through a standard table in Excel format which can be downloaded here. Statistics are then produced quarterly and are available 10 weeks after the end of each quarter. A special edition containing an in-depth analysis of the data will be published once a year.

The ESPO Rapid data Exchange System includes quarterly data on the following traffics:

  • Total tonnage (tons) (tonnage of goods carried, including packaging and including the tare weight of containers or ro-ro units)
  • Total liquid bulk (tons)
  • Total dry bulk (tons)
  • Total general cargo (tons)
  • Containers (tons, TEU)
  • Passengers

Instructions to participate in RES can be found here.

Today, around 50 ports participate in the ESPO RES. We hope to see more ports joining the system in the future to fill in the current lack of updated statistics on ports traffics. If your port is interested in joining the RES, please contact the ESPO secretariat.

RES Statistics