The European Sea Ports Organisation is the principal interface between European seaports and the European institutions and its policy makers.

ESPO represents the port authorities, port associations and port administrations of the seaports of 23 Member States of the European Union and Norway at EU political level. ESPO also has observer members in Iceland and Israel.

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ESPO Secretariat
In exactly one week ESPO, its members and the EU #port and maritime community are gathering in Rotterdam for the Es…
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#ESPO Conference 2018: een must voor de maritieme sector Hoe ziet de zeehaven van morgen eruit? En wat is er nodig…
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ESPO Conference 2018: Rotterdam, here we come!
Press Release | 18 May 2018
ESPO congratulates seven Wadden Sea ports for obtaining EcoPorts environmental performance standard (PERS)
Press Release | 17 May 2018
Position of the European Sea Ports Organisation on Brexit
Espo in the press | 11 May 2018
Position of the European Sea Ports Organisation on the Commission’s proposal on Port Reception Facilities
Position paper | 09 May 2018
ESPO publishes its position paper on the Port Reception Facilities for ship waste
Press Release | 09 May 2018
Ready to join us over 3 weeks in Rotterdam for the ESPO conference 2018?
Press Release | 08 May 2018
ESPO calls on the European Parliament and the Member States to support the transport budget proposal under the new CEF
Press Release | 04 May 2018
Ljubljana Declaration by the Stakeholders of the CEF Transport Campaign
Position paper | 24 Apr 2018
ESPO Position on the Revision of the Reporting Formalities Directive
Position paper | 22 Mar 2018
ESPO Position Paper on Brexit
Position paper | 06 Mar 2018
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