LIST OF TAG – Press Release
COVID-19: Commission guidelines on the progressive restoration of transport services and connectivity
Press Release | 28 May 2020
COVID-19: Amendment of the Port Services Regulation
Press Release | 26 May 2020
ESPO keeps going with the help of some “port brains”
Press Release | 22 May 2020
Is your port playing a role in attracting innovation and local start-ups to be part of the port ecosystem? Submit your project for the ESPO Award 2020
Press Release | 15 May 2020
ESPO proposes a two-step approach on the new EU Transport Strategy
Press Release | 30 April 2020
ESPO Conference postponed to 27-28 May 2021, still in Oslo!
Press Release | 24 April 2020
ESPO and FEPORT urge Member States to enable crew changes in all ports
Press Release | 17 April 2020
COVID-19 exit and recovery strategy: keep European ports going
Press Release | 10 April 2020
COVID-19: Transport keeps us going
Press Release | 24 March 2020
ETF, FEPORT, IDC and ESPO call on workers and employers to strictly respect health and safety measures during COVID-19 pandemic
Press Release | 19 March 2020
COVID-19: Europe's ports call on EU and Member States to keep goods moving in the EU
Press Release | 18 March 2020
Second ESPO gender balance assessment confirms one-third share of women active in ESPO Committee meetings
Press Release | 06 March 2020
Submit your project for the ESPO Award 2020
Press Release | 04 March 2020
ESPO is looking for a Senior Policy Advisor in the field of environment, sustainable development, cruise and ferry
Press Release | 03 March 2020
ESPO Conference 2020 - OSLO, 28-29 May: we are online!
Press Release | 24 February 2020
ESPO publishes its Position Paper on the European Green Deal objectives in ports
Press Release | 19 February 2020
15 organisations from the transport Sector call for a bold and realistic European Green Deal
Press Release | 12 February 2020
ECSA and ESPO to discuss Decarbonisation of Shipping on 19 February
Press Release | 10 February 2020
European Shipping Week: ESPO-ECSA co-organise event on decarbonisation of shipping
Press Release | 31 January 2020
In Memoriam: Giuliano Gallanti (1939 – 2020)
Press Release | 28 January 2020
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