ABP’s Port of Lowestoft new workboat collecting litter, debris and aquatic vegetation around the harbour

16 May 2023

A new workboat (named The Gannet) dedicated to the collection of litter, debris and aquatic vegetation around the Port of Lowestoft has been put into operation. The main function of the Gannet is to clear debris from the surface of the water. It was purchased by the Association of British Ports (APB) and will play a vital role in keeping Lowestoft Harbour and Lake Lothing free of pollution. The Gannet's contribution to sustainability at Lowestoft Harbour goes beyond waste collection. It is hybrid powered, with a solar panel roof that generates green electricity, and is made from recycled aluminium that can be reused at the end of its life.

ABP's investment in the Gannet is the latest step in the company's recently published comprehensive new sustainability strategy - Ready for Tomorrow - which is underpinned by a plan to invest around £2 billion to decarbonise its own operations by 2040 at the latest.  

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