Balearic Ports Air Quality Monitoring System and Smart Environmental Platform

22 February 2023

Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has recently implemented an air quality monitoring network for its five ports. This includes the use of query platforms and the integration of a monitoring dashboard on its website. The implementation of this platform is part of the efforts APB has been making since 2016 to improve the air quality in and around its ports. APB has been working to understand the level of air quality in its ports and to assess the impact of port activities. In this context, a project to install a network of 25 Kunak air quality monitors in 5 Balearic ports was launched in 2019. Following the deployment of the air quality sensors, a Smart Port has been implemented. It integrates, among other things, the air quality vertical, centralising all information and data on the state in real time from all the monitoring stations deployed. Real-time data for each contaminant is now available on the port's website.

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