Clean Air Projects in the Port of Tallinn

06 May 2021

To ensure that outdoor air in the Port’s locations of operation is clean and of high quality, the Port of Tallinn has employed a number of innovative solutions in close cooperation with its customers and partners, including:

  • A Smart Port traffic management system at the Old City Harbour (cars and trucks automated check-in and guidance to waiting areas and vessels), which has shortened vehicle waiting times at the harbour by around 30 minutes and has thus reduced air emissions in the heart of Tallinn;
  • Taking heavy goods vehicles and cars out of the city centre and developing the MuugaVuosaari route;
  • Mitigating odour nuisances caused by the cargo of oil terminals by installing three stationary air quality monitoring systems and an e-nose network around the Muuga Harbour;
  • Installing an on-shore power supply system for ferries on quays 3, 12 and 13 of the Old City Harbour;
  • Granting eco-friendly vessels a discount on port dues based on the Environmental Ship Index (ESI). In 2019, the Port gave an ESI Index-based discount for 1,439 port calls, i.e. 19% of all port calls.

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