Green C Ports Action: a joint project developed by the ports of Valencia, Venice, Piraeus, Wilhelmshaven and Bremerhaven

02 July 2024

The GREEN C Ports Action will test the implementation of sensors, big data platforms, business intelligence tools, and artificial intelligence modelling at the ports of Valencia (Spain), Venice (Italy), Piraeus (Greece), Wilhelmshaven (Germany), and Bremerhaven (Germany). This initiative aims to pave the way for the future market adoption of these technologies.

The initial phase of the project involves designing, acquiring, adapting, and installing various sensor networks at the participating ports. These networks will collect various environmental data, such as air quality, meteorological conditions, noise levels, and gate congestion. The data will be transmitted to a Port Environmental Performance (PEP) IT platform capable of receiving real-time data from both the sensor networks and existing port operating systems. In the second phase of the project, once the environmental sensor network is installed, partners will develop methods and analytics using big data techniques and advanced modelling for predictive analyses of port environmental performance. By integrating data from sensor networks with existing information from port authorities and community systems, models and algorithms will be created to predict real-time impacts of environmental conditions on port operations and nearby city areas.

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