Port of Valencia: Green Ports: Digital Tools Towards Sustainability

06 May 2021

As part of the net-zero emissions strategy of the Valenciaport cluster, led by the Port Authority of Valencia, Fundación Valenciaport and the Port Authority of Valencia are working together on the GREEN C Ports project to pilot the use of sensors, big data and artificial intelligence in the Port of Valencia to reduce the impact of port operations on the city, monitor emissions from ports and vessels and optimise performance of port operations. Alongside Baleària, Inerco, and Gas2Move, the Port will upgrade its environmental sensors networks to develop a Port Environmental Performance IT platform that will receive real-time data from the sensors network, from existing operating systems in the port (i.e. PCS) and from vessels, vans and trucks. The project aims to decrease port traffic congestion and reduce CO2 emissions by 10% from trucks in the Port. Further benefits will be the monitoring and prediction of air quality and noise levels to generate notifications to government institutions when certain levels will be exceeded. Finally, the project will serve to inform shippers about the real emissions generated by their shipments in door-to-door transport chains between the Valencian region and the Balearic Islands.

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