Higher charges for cruise ships not connecting to onshore power supply (OPS) at the port of Aarhus

11 March 2024

The Danish port has introduced a new fee model for cruise ships docking at its port. This implies that those ships that do not connect to the port’s shore power facility will face an additional charge of 0.75 DKK per gross ton. This fee, ranging from DKK 50,000 to DKK 75,000 per ship, aims to incentivize the use of green power and reduce local pollution.

The CEO of the Port of Aarhus, Thomas Haber Borch, stresses the importance of preserving the environment and that the fee model will encourage more cruise ships to use the shore power facility. The port intends to reinvest the fee funds in new green initiatives and sustainability projects. Despite concerns about the potential loss of cruise ship traffic, the port is confident that the new charging model will lead to greater use of shore-side power and will have a positive impact on the environment

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