Port of Valencia: HiSea

06 May 2021

The EU-funded HiSea Project offers ports high resolution data for water quality forecasts, met-ocean and bathymetry monitoring.

The information and forecasts are presented in a clear, visual, digestible way, presenting flexible layers for port authorities and managers. Near-real-time data based on analysis of satellite images provides accurate, reliable and high-resolution information that will make port operation more cost-effective.

The innovative HiSea Platform incorporates, and processes data obtained through the marine, land and climate service COPERNICUS (the EU Earth Observation and Monitoring service), local monitoring data and advanced modelling.

The services offered by the HiSea Platform include, among others:

  • Spill trajectory forecast;
  • Safety and operation management based on Met-Ocean data;
  • Bathymetry estimation for sedimentation trend;
  • Water pollution compliance reporting and forecast.

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