Joint bid for a low carbon hydrogen supply to ABP’s Port of Immingham

10 September 2021

Associated British Ports (ABP), together with Uniper, Siemens Energy and Toyota Tsusho, submitted a joint bid to the Clean Maritime Fund for matched funding to develop their project of getting an initial c.20MW supply of green hydrogen to the Port of Immingham by 2025. The port could become a model for other ports, making the most of the decarbonisation potential of hydrogen. Green hydrogen could be produced at the port by electrolysis, using a renewable energy supply such as offshore wind. The hydrogen could then be used as a direct replacement to diesel and heavy fuel oil, or for producing clean shipping fuels. The review of the infrastructure required to decarbonise the maritime sector is necessary to allow vessels calling in the ports to obtain the green fuels required.

The funding bid has been submitted so that a full feasibility study can be carried out and, if successful, could allow this work to begin as early as September 2021. 

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