Onshore Power Supply (OPS) facility at the DFDS ferry terminal in Port of Copenhagen

25 August 2021

An initiative to make port activities in Copenhagen greener has led the way for a joint collaboration between Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) and ferry company DFDS, to establish an onshore power facility at the DFDS terminal in Copenhagen. Due to the terminal’s close proximity to the city centre, the OPS facility will have a direct positive effect on the air quality for the inhabitants in Copenhagen, as well as on climate by significantly reducing CO2, NOx and PM emissions from ferries in port. Noise and vibrations from the ferries are considerably reduced as well, as the generators can be turned off during charging.

The OPS facility is expected to be operational from late summer 2021, and will deliver up to 10 kV with 50 Hz for DFDS’ ferries Crown Seaways and Pearl Seaways while in the port.

To ensure full green benefits of the OPS system, CMP only uses electricity from 100% green and renewable energy sources.

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