Port of Gothenburg hosts first ship-to-ship methanol bunkering on non-tanker vessel

17 March 2023

The Port of Gothenburg achieved a breakthrough by conducting the first ship-to-ship methanol bunkering on a non-tanker vessel, the Stena Germanica, a methanol-propelled ferry. This demonstration showcased the feasibility of safe and efficient ship-to-ship methanol bunkering, emphasising Gothenburg's position as a bunker hub and setting an example for other ports globally. The success relied on collaborative efforts involving the port authority, Stena Line, Methanex (methanol producer), and Stolt Tankers. Methanol has a positive environmental impact in shipping, and is making strong progress in international shipping with major companies ordering methanol-propelled vessels. The Port of Gothenburg's proactive stance in advocating for alternative fuels, particularly methanol, underscores its commitment to a greener shipping future, believing in a diverse mix of alternative fuels to drive the transition.

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